Really, What The &%#!

What did I do, Why Me?


If you've landed on this page the chances are your website has been hacked.

Don't take it personal. Not about you or your website. Your just a vehicle for sending out spam to prey on the weak for $$$, political backlash due to some unjustice, hijacking for profit, or script kiddies to see what they can do from something they can't do on their own.

Seeing that we are developers that also run a hosting company we have seen a lot. Unfortunately we have the unique skill of identifying how a website was hacked and and fixing the problem so it doesn't happen again.


A: Take a deep breath, we can help.

Hopefully you have a backup of your website. You did make one didn't you? If so, store this off in a safe place.

Wide array of tools to perform penetration testing for website vulnerabilities, just like they do.

Entry Point

Door open, door shut

Who left the front door open? Security issue on a plugin or module? Web server or OS level vulnerability?

Vector Analysis

One weak link can kill you

After the hack has been fixed we will perform a vector analysis to determine areas that leave you vunerable.

SQL Injection

We're not fans of needles

Nasty way to get in, but it is a real threat. Input that is not validiated properly is as bad or worse than a security issue with your building blocks.

Code Review

We have a mole

Persistent hacks are signs of a bigger issue. Already embeded in the database, custom code issue beyond sql injection.

Time to take the gloves off.

$auth_pass = "63a9f0ea7bb98050796b649e85481845";
$color = "#df5";
$default_action = 'FilesMan';
$default_use_ajax = true;
$default_charset = 'Windows-1251';


Need help?

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