Why should I use Custom Website Hosting over cPanel?

Custom Website Hosting is designed for websites that do not fit into the cPanel website hosting model.

It provides a highly configurable platform and may be tailored to the needs of your website. With cPanel your options are limited to the Control Panel. With Custom Website Hosting there are no limits.

This can be for websites of any flavor (Linux or Windows).

How long does it take to setup my website/account?

This depends on the needs of your website. If your requirements are not complex your account and new website home will be available the same day. If you have some specific hosting needs the setup might take a bit longer.

All of this will be worked out when speaking with your engineer. Most of the time the setup process is painless and very quick.

What if I don't have a custom configuration?

Many of our clients have stock configurations that just need access to an older version of PHP or a newer version of ASP.NET.

A custom configuration is not required, this service provides the ability to those clients that need it.

You don't have my programming language or need listed, will you install it?

In most cases the answer is Yes. In all cases we will look at the specific requirement and see how it will affect our current client base. If it will have a negative impact based on our research then we will not install it.

Most of the time we see this with a programming language or application that is in a alpha or beta status. There are many applications that have never reached version 1.0 that are very stable (take the openssl libraries or clam anti-virus).

If we are unable to support your specific need in a shared environment would suggest looking into Virtual Private Servers. They offer complete control and the freedom to install whatever you want.

This policy is meant to protect our current clients. If you were one now you would want the same peace of mind.

How many websites do you place on a server?

This depends on the size of the plan and the requirements of the clients on the server we would place you on. Each custom website is placed on a server built to handle your specifications; provide bursting and growth. Unlike other webhosting companies that offer unlimited space; we do not overload our servers with as many websites as possible. This is even more true than with our cPanel service; we might have only a few clients a server.

As with our cPanel website hosting and Virtual Private Servers, our goal is not to pack servers with as many clients as possible. The goal is to provide quality service to all clients

What about one-click install?

This is a cPanel feature only. Custom Website Hosting assumes that you already have a website and the software (such as WordPress or Drupal) to run it. Or you plan on installing the software you need to create your website.

If you run into issues or want to verify your installation beforehand we would be happy to help out.

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