Clustered Architecture

Our custom cPanel architecture provides redundant MySQL database servers and DNS servers for a single website. If your website experiences a sudden spike in traffic or resource usage, your users won’t know the difference.

No Programming Skills Needed

Manage your entire web hosting package with one web interface. Learn how to setup secure email accounts, multiple domain names, and Simply follow the intuitive user interface and watch the video tutorials to learn how to manage your websites.

One-Click Install

Blog, sell and manage your content with over 50 popular applications like WordPress, Drupal and Zen Cart. We like to call it the “Launch Baby, Launch” App, but we officially call it by its real name, the Fantastico Script Installer for cPanel. If you’ve been dreaming of a dynamic website for a blog, a discussion forum, a photo gallery or an e-commerce shopping cart to sell products, this is the place to start.

Email & FTP Security

Use standard secure email protocols to send and receive email securely. We provide you with the SSL Certificates to send email through SMTPS (SSL/TLS) and receive email through POP3S (SSL/TLS) and IMAPS (SSL/TLS). Also, transfer files securely to and from your FTP server. It’s included in every account and easier than you might think. You can auto-configure your Outlook or Mac Mail email clients.

LAMP Stack

Get a solid installation of the latest, stable Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP configuration to support your web applications. LAMP is a complete system for building and deploying web applications.

Grow With Rolet

Rolet offers the redundant network, server infrastructure, scalable hosting plans and expert engineers a business needs to rely on to grow with their hosting provider. Start with a Feature cPanel account and scale easily to larger accounts or to a dedicated VPS cPanel server or cluster as your business and traffic grows. Rolet has the resources now for your business in the future.

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