Why is it called one-click install?

It’s really that simple. With one-click install, you can install WordPress, Drupal, Zen Cart or select from 100+ applications through on screen install wizards.

Do you offer Unlimited cPanel Hosting?

Yes and no. We will install cPanel on a dedicated virtual private server (VPS) and provide you with root access and Web Host Manager (WHM). You can setup an unlimited number of sites and use all the storage space you want. Since we guarantee allocated resources for each of our clients, we do not want to add an unlimited account or, like our competitors, turn someone off because they uploaded 50GB of music.

Can you help me setup my website?

Yes. We can assist you with the initial installation and configuration. If you need something to put in it we can help you with that too. You can see all the website solutions we offer from our interactive section.

Do you offer cPanel Reseller Accounts?

Yes. This setup is not configured by default. If you are interested in additional information please contact us.

How many websites do you place on a server?

This depends on the size of the plan. Each cPanel website is placed on a server built to handle your specifications; provide bursting and growth. Unlike other webhosting companies that offer unlimited space; we do not overload our servers with as many websites as possible.

As with our Custom website hosting and Virtual Private Servers, our goal is not to pack servers with as many clients as possible. The goal is to provide quality service to all clients.

General Questions