How soon can I use my VPS?

In about 5 minutes. All servers from the 256 VPS to the 1GB VPS are setup instantly. 2GB – 15.5GB servers will normally be setup within 2 hours, but may take as long as 24 hours. We will let you know the estimated time to provisioning within 2 hours of your order. These orders are not charged until fulfilled

Do your servers have a control panel?

Yes they do. All of our servers are configured with WebMin. This control panel is one of the oldest and feature rich control panels available for web-based Linux administration. It is light-weight and provides all the features you would expect to see.

If your looking for a cPanel/WHM interface, let us know we offer this solution as well.

Is help available if I need help setting up my server?

Absolutely. We are adding new Knowledge Base articles all the time. If you don't see what your looking for let us know. In most cases we have done what you are looking to do but have not yet release the article. If we haven't; we will research how to do it and let you know.

Can I upgrade my server at a later date?

Yes. You may upgrade to any of our available plans.

Do you provide root access?

Yes. You will be provided with root access to your server. This is accessible via ssh or WebMin.

If I upgrade my server do I keep my public IP?

Yes and no. In most cases you will retain your current public IP address. If we have to move you to a segment in our server farm that does not support your IP address then a new one will be provided. In this case we would plan the migration with you and leave your current VPS up and running until everything has switched. See we are easy...

How many servers do you place on a machine?

This depends on the size of the VPS. Our servers are created with one plan in mind. We allocate according to the specifications for that plan and leave room for bursting and growth. The the exception to this rule is the 256 VPS. We do not dedicate servers to this plan type. They are sprinkled throughout our VPS server farm; providing the expected performance. As with our cPanel and Custom website hosting our goal is not to pack servers with as many clients as possible. The goal is to provide quality service to all clients.

Can I add more than 1 IP Address to my VPS?

Yes, you can with a valid technical reason. Additional public IP addresses are $2 per month. In you Client Interface open a support ticket stating the IP request and details regarding the addition.

How do I increase or decrease the size of my server?

Our developers are currently working on the client interface that will provide you with many additional features like sizing, reboot and more. Until this is complete, we are available 24x7 to perform this service for you. Just give us a call, we’re happy to help.

Why are your VPSs so cheap?

Instead of paying licensing costs to commercial virtual server companies, we give back by supporting the open-source Xen development team and other users with functional code. It does cost us time, but we benefit from this community as much or more than we put into it. We pass this savings on to you.