Custom Hosting

Hosting + Dedicated Servers

You get a dedicated support team with the ability to customize settings based on your needs with server class hardware, low client load, in a shared environment.

This is where the good stuff is

Our Custom Hosting allows us to tailor a hosting solution specifically for your company.

To be frank, when we started, cPanel was to rich for our blood. We setup our own web, database and email servers tailored for the needs of our clients. Developed our our own control panel for administration. And there we are.

This experience has provided us with the unique ability to offer specialized services that don't exist in most control panels or are only available from a Cloud Server with the aid of server administrator to set it up. With Custom Hosting you get both, the good stuff and the server administrator. If we don't have it, just ask.

Not cPanel

If you just need hosting, then get just hosting?

Why put your website or application on a server that does email, spam filtering, database and the dishes.

Remove the overhead and put it on a server meant to do what you need, serve your website or application.


Dedicated servers for each core component.

While cPanel has everything under one roof, our custom hosting provides dedicated servers for each core component of your website or application.

Web, database, email, filtering, and proxy servers. Only one job per.

Linux or Windows

Your not limited to just Linux with our Custom Hosting.

Heck, you can have both. Who says you have to tied to one or the other, we're not.

With either operating system we can customize your webserver configuration and support custom applications that drive your business.

Hosting Your Way, Not Theirs

Choice of Webserver

Apache, IIS, nginx, node.js, Tomcat?

Choose the right one for your situation. They all have their roles within providing the services your website or application needs.

Not up to us, it is up to you.

Choice of Database

MySQL, $QL, PostgreSQL, Mongo?

Heck you can throw Access into there if needed. ODBC, yea we support that too (we started on mSQL for the record).

Need another one, let us know.


Bring your own code

It's your code and our job to support it. Wide options of programming languages are available, from .NET to Classic ASP (yes classic), PHP, Ruby, JSP, Python, and Perl. Have something special?

Odds are we support it, chat with an engineer to see if it is your lucky day.

Load Balance

Expecting high traffic? If you need to make your website scalable now or in the future we can offer solutions to support any type of load you might be expecting. Whether it is with servers located in our datacenter or using third party cloud servers.


PHP the way it was meant to be run. It is faster with php-fpm and allows us to provide virtually any version of PHP that you could want. With the exception of PHP 4 (Not true, we do have it, but like the language the server is really, really old).


Not all companies need email as it might already be in the cloud. If you need it or want to migrate it, we have a solution. From straight up POP/IMAP to Google Apps or Office 365.

Add email to your custom hosting.


Not sure how to make the move? We can do it for you. Regardless of your current hosting platform we can tailor a solution to support your current services.

Our Migration services offer a painless way to make a switch from your current provider.

Feature Plan

(save $40)
10 GB
Dedicated Storage
100 GB
Network Transfer
SSH Access

Professional Plan

(save $80)
25 GB
Dedicated Storage
250 GB
Network Transfer
Dedicated IP
SSH Access

Business Plan

(save $120)
50 GB
Dedicated Storage
500 GB
Network Transfer
Dedicated IP
SSH Access

Need Custom Hosting?

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