You never see them.

But the Ninjas are always there.


We thought the loss of email was such a big issue we built an entire product for it.

Ninja Mail Tools is a collection of web applications (ninjas) that provides continuity, syncing, and email migration. We use it for our cloud email services when we need to migrate clients.

Mail Server Down?

If your mail server goes down or is inaccessible due to connectivity failures like a reboot, internet outage or server crash, our Ninjas will save your email and until your mail server comes back online.

Saved For Any Reason

  • Heavy server load
  • System reboot
  • Internet outage
  • Firewall load or failure

Inside the Dojo

Ninja Mail Tools focuses on three core areas. The website provides much more detail about all the services provided.

Email Continuity

Protect incoming email from any type of server outage, whether it's an in-house server or hosted with a cloud email service. Protect an entire domain in minutes and create user email accounts for long outages.

Email Sync

Use the Sync Ninja to move email between email accounts and email folders on different servers. Easily schedule jobs to sync email between continuity accounts, cloud email services or your in-house servers.

Email Migration

The task of moving email from one server to another can be daunting for a user, another hosting company or an IT Administrator. We've created simple tools to help you migrate email from anywhere to anywhere.