Backup MX

If your mail server goes down or is inaccessible due to connectivity failures like a reboot, internet outage or server crash, our backup MX services will queue your email messages automatically until your mail server comes back online.

Once your server is responsive, we will automatically send queued email to your primary server.

Email Queued For Any Reason

  • Heavy server load
  • System reboot
  • Internet outage
  • Firewall load or failure

What’s Included

  • Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus filtering.
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited emails
  • 30 day email retention


Per domain $8/mo

No hidden fees. No strings attached.

Backup MX + Instant Rolet Email + Email Sync

Email is imperative. The solution is Backup MX plus Webmail, POP, IMAP, SMTP access and Rolet’s custom Email Sync application. If your email server is unavailable for any reason, your users have instant access to Rolet Email. When you’re back online, we’ll inject all email into your system.

Instant Rolet Email

Users will have instant access to email through full featured Rolet Email accounts. Users can use Rolet Webmail and setup accounts in Outlook or any preferred email client. Mobile devices and secure email are supported. This is the perfect solution for long outages, hardware upgrades and users who require 24/7 email access.

Email Sync

Once your server is ready, our servers will copy email in all inboxes to your server with Email Sync. Email Sync logs in to the user accounts on your server and moves or injects each email into your user accounts. You’ll have the ability to inject all stored email at once, 100 emails at a time or on a user by user basis. With Backup MX + Instant Rolet Email + Email Sync you’ll have complete control on a redundant email system.

Loads of Options

Control these options from our web-based Client Interface.

  • Fully manage Rolet Email accounts on our system
  • Manage Email Sync frequency globally and per email account
  • Select Auto Forward on or off
  • Manage the load placed on your server

What’s Included

  • Backup MX
  • Secure POP, IMAP, SMTP (SSL/TLS)
  • Email Sync for each account
  • 30 day email retention
  • Easy to use web interface
  • Catch all with store-and-forward for accounts not setup


10 Users $10/mo
25 Users $20/mo
50 Users $35/mo
100 Users $50/mo
200 Users $65/mo
300 Users $85/mo
Domain $8/mo

One domain is required per account. Number of users is added as a second line item.

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