More than your desktop

Traditional, collaboration, continuity, transactional.

Beyond hitting send

You might still do it, but there is more to email than what is visible.

Email has evolved. Someone or something still hits send, and it needs to be delivered. But how it is delivered is what matters. Our services allow email to be delivered to more than one place, saved in the event it can't be, or moved when it needs to be. We don't offer just email, we offer email solutions.


G Suite or Office 365

The leaders in collaborative email solutions.

Authorized resellers of the two most popular collaborative email services.

Rolet Email

POP / IMAP / SMTP. Three oldies but goodies.

Tried and true. If your company doesn't need collabortive email this is the solution for you.


Need a little bit of both?

Why not. You have the flexibility to combine Rolet Email with G Suite or Office 365.


Loosing Email?

Even with the big guys, server downtime happens. They get overloaded or have to deal with an occasional DOS.

Add continuity to your email service to make sure you don't miss another email.


Need to send email?

If you need to send email from your website, server, printer, or application our transactional email service can do it for you.

Hitting send doesn't need a finger, just a reason.