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Hosting and Development

Create something beautiful, make it useful and make it work.

Kansas City Based Hosting and Development

Over 20 years of experience in hosting and web development.

A boutique company that has its core in hosting and development. We offer numerous business solutions in hosting, email and development services.

Business Class Hosting


Odds are this is what is running your webiste now. The worlds most widely used hosting control panel.

Most other companies use it, so do we.

If your used to having everything in one place, this is for you.


cPanel not for you? You don't login to your control panel just for fun?

Have hosting requirements that provide expertise to setup and maintain?

Just let us know what your looking for and we'll get it up and running.

Cloud Servers

Just like virtual private servers, but some marketing genious thought cloud sounded better.

So we now call them cloud servers, same thing different name. Pick your flavor and customize it to your specifications.

Business Class Development


Everyone is doing it. We do it too, but a bit different.

We can grab a them for you if you want, but why? Does that convey your company?

Let our designers make a theme that convey's your business. Why fit into a theme that is not you?

Web Applications

We love solving problems, automating processes.

The Internet is more than websites.

Your business might need to automate a process or provide clients access to their data.

With a web application you have more than a marketing website.

Vue.material.inkRipple = true;
Vue.component('amortization-table', require('./components/AmortizationTable.vue'));
Vue.component('update-account-information', require('./components/UpdateAccountInformation.vue'));

import Vuex from 'vuex';
const store = new Vuex.Store({
  state: {
    loanTerm: 0,

Business Class Email

G Suite or Office 365

The leaders in collaborative email solutions.

Authorized resellers of the two most popular collaborative email services.

Rolet Email

POP / IMAP / SMTP. Three oldies but goodies.

Tried and true. If your company doesn't need collabortive email this is the solution for you.


Need a little bit of both?

Why not. You have the flexibility to combine Rolet Email with G Suite or Office 365.